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Price: from 73 000 €

A new project with a comfortable facilities in the Alanya Payallar area with interest-free installments

Alanya, Payallar

1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1


54-172 m2

# ID 9744

Price: from 233 772 €

Sales start: new project in the center of Alanya, 150m Cleopatra beach for your investment

Alanya, Alanya Center

1+1, 2+1, 3+1


72-157 m2

# ID 9639

Price: from 204 000 €

Investment project of a cozy residence with good facilities in the Alanya-Oba area

Alanya, Oba

2+1, 3+1


82-240 m2

# ID 9586

Price: from 86 000 €

Apartment of different layouts in a premium class residence under construction in Mersin's Tomuk area

Mersin, Tömük

1+1, 2+1


86-159 m2

# ID 9529

Price: from 59 000 €

Start of sales: apartment of different layouts in an investment project in the area of Alanya - Gazipasa

Alanya, Gazipasha

1+1, 2+1


37-170 m2

# ID 9514

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Price: from 94 000 €

A new project with a comfortable facilities in the Alanya Payallar area at a bargain price

Alanya, Payallar

1+1, 2+1


55-110 m2

# ID 9486

Price: from 125 000 €

Apartment of different layouts in a residence at the planning stage in Mahmutlar, 850m from the Mediterranean Sea

Alanya, Mahmutlar

1+1, 2+1, 3+1


56-130 m2

# ID 9484

Price: from 125 000 €

Apartment in a luxury residence 850m from the sea in Mahmutlar under construction

Alanya, Mahmutlar

1+1, 2+1, 3+1


42-119 m2

# ID 9462

Price: from 165 000 €

Great offer for your investment: project of a premium class residence in the Kestel area

Alanya, Kestel

1+1, 2+1, 3+1


63-165 m2

# ID 9443

Price: 82 000 €

Three bedroom gasified apartment in Tece, Mersin, 450m from the Mediterranean Sea

Mersin, Tece



125 m2

# ID 9431

Price: from 85 000 €

A new project with a comfortable facilities in Avsallar from a construction company, 1000m from the sea

Alanya, Avsallar

1+1, 2+1


58-121 m2

# ID 9379

Price: from 53 000 €

Apartment of different layouts in a large-scale luxury residence under construction in Tomuk, Erdemli

Mersin, Tömük

1+1, 2+1, 3+1


70-180 m2

# ID 9364

Price: from 125 000 €

New investment project: urban house in Oba with excellent location.

Alanya, Oba

2+1, 4+1


75-160 m2

# ID 9362

Real estate from developers in Turkey 

In just a few years, Turkey has become one of the most popular countries among tourists and foreign investors. The demand for real estate has grown several times lately. Most of those who decide to buy properties are from Europe and the CIS. It speaks of the confidence of investors due to the country's active development.

What are the factors contributing to such high demand? Every construction company strives to make sure that their residential complex is comfortable and satisfy all the wishes of future owners. That is why the residential areas have a well-developed infrastructure. There are green alleys, playgrounds and sports grounds, swimming pools, beauty parlours, free parking lots, 24/7 security services and others. Real estate from a developer here is a  new apartment with interior finishing and plumbing. Therefore, to move in, you just need to purchase the necessary furniture and household appliances. Turkish developers often offer gifts to their new residents. For example, they assist in preparing a design project for premises and buying furniture. The turnkey property allows you to move in immediately.

новые квартиры от застройщика в Турции

new apartments from developers in Turkey

New apartments, real estate for sale in Turkey from developers - conditions of purchase

There are several options for buying square meters of living space. Acquisition of housing in Turkey in an already built facility has zero risks. However, after you buy a property, you may have to invest additional funds in some in the new apartment in case you want to change the interior. Buying new apartments can be much cheaper. When you buy a property at the construction stage, it  saves you more than 30% of the cost. Also, developers offer mortgage lending and payment in instalments. In this case, you should carefully choose the construction company and listen to the expert opinion. In this case you secure your investment.

недвижимость от застройщика в Турции

real estate from developers in Turkey

Which housing is the best to invest in

Real estate from a developer in Turkey requires a serious approach and the right choice. Due to the active development of the country in all fields, this investment is one of the most profitable and promising ones. The best regions for buying apartments are resort towns on the coast of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. Antalya, Alanya, Istanbul, Kemer, Belek and other locations are now offering many new modern residential areas. The incredible popularity of these regions, their active development and expansion contribute to the growth in the cost of real estate from year to year.

How to buy cheap property in Turkey from a developer?

Of course, you can start looking for a property in one of the Turkish cities on your own. However, to make a nice choice, you need to navigate the market and its trends. You need to know the language, rules and laws, and look through many options. The best solution is to seek help from trusted companies. Profit Real Estate is an agency with many years of experience in Turkish real estate. We are ready to offer a catalogue of properties from differentdevelopers and the owners of Turkish housing. Our team is willing to help you with the selection of the most optimal ratio of quality and price per square meter, full support of the transaction, assistance in preparing documentation and highly qualified after-sales service. It is easy to become the owner of a comfortable Turkish property with us!

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