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Buying real estate from the owner in Turkey - how profitable and realistic is it?

Perhaps you want to buy an apartment without intermediaries in Turkey in a short time someone wants to sell housing at a higher price and tries to avoid risks. It means that a third party, real estate companies or brokers who work with the purchase and sale sometimes is left aside. Frankly, it is possible to buy cheaper an apartment directly from an owner in Alanya, Antalya or Istanbul. Some are quite sure that the services of real estate agencies are a waste of money. One  can buy or sell real estate. However, selling an apartment without intermediaries in Turkey or getting a secondary property is still a serious matter, especially for foreigners.
недвижимость в Турции от собственника
property from the owner in Turkey

An apartment from an owner in Turkey or mediation of a real estate agency?

Imagine the situation: you liked a cosy apartment in the resort town of the Mediterranean Sea. The price matches your capacities and why not to buy a property. You choose a place in a beautiful area with a mild climate and picturesque views. The first difficulty that you are going to face is the lack of knowledge of Turkish and the laws. How are you going to buy an apartment? If you want to have a house, a cottage, a villa, an apartment from the owner.  How can you count on the security of a transaction when you don’t know the language and laws? This logic dictates that it is not worth saving on this issue. With real estate agencies, such as ours named Profit Real Estate (our the head office in Alanya) it is much safer to sell or buy real estate. I this case everything happens according to the legislative level and a well-tested plan. We check the documentation for the property, prepare the purchase and sale agreement, the presence of a notary etc. It reduces all kinds of risks to nothing.
If you have the knowledge and time at your disposal, start acting on your own as it is not too difficult to buy an apartment in Turkey cheaper from the owner.
недвижимость в Турции без посредников
real estate in Turkey without intermediaries

Buying real estate without intermediaries

Buying real estate without intermediaries (from the owner ) in Alanya, Antalya, Istanbul, other regions of Turkey is always a risky thing. In your home country, it is sometimes not easy to distinguish an honest person from a fraud. But everyone is free to make their own decisions. Remember, real estate from the owner is entirely your responsibility.

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