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For many residents of Europe, Turkey over the past few years has become one of their favorite countries, where there is everything for a quality and enjoyable holiday.

It is not surprising as multiple high-class conditions have been created in the resort regions. Due to them, Turkey is on the list of the most visited countries by foreign citizens. Some of them seriously think about buying property and eventually purchase it with the aim of profitable investments as well as comfort and coziness.

Before buying a home in Turkey, it is worthwhile to consider in detail all the pros and cons of such an acquisition, deal with the cost and possible financial benefits, find out the features of life and the availability of everything necessary for living in a sunny, hospitable country.

We offer all potential buyers answers to the main questions about the feasibility and benefits of acquiring Turkish real estate.

Want to buy housing in Turkey?

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When is the best time to do it?

As practice of recent years shows, with every year the demand for housing in the state is increasing. This applies not only to buyers of the Western Europe, but also to the CIS countries and Asia despite the fact the average cost per square meter rises in price.

Experts note that the countries with different resorts are definitely a cost-effective investment alongside with the market stability. A house by the sea in Turkey can always be sold or rented out and get a stable income that covers all costs of maintaining the property.

Therefore, if you look from this point of view, buying a property in Turkey is justified at any time.

Buying real estate in Turkey

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Details you should know about

Despite the investment appeal of acquiring property in Turkey, some nuances need to be considered.

Demand and supply.

The real estate market has countless options for houses, apartments, and villas. They differ in liquidity and payback. Therefore, if you decide to buy housing in Turkey for yourself or invest and earn extra income, we advise you to seek the support of specialists in this field. Further advice is to carefully study all the information about the properties you find interesting. Then choose the real estate with a well-planned layout, suitable areas within walking distance to the sea, all the necessary facilities and convenient transportation links.

Secondly, pay attention to how a housing residence is built, what materials and technologies are used in decoration.

It can be crucial if the developers have recently appeared on the market and have not yet earned a reliable reputation among buyers and realtors.


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It is worth noting that there are a lot of advantages of buying a real estate in Turkey.


Most clients primarily pay attention to the climate. Imagine how pleasant it is to escape from everyday routine and relax under the rays of the gentle Mediterranean sun, breathe in the air saturated with pine-scented aroma and flowers. Imagine swimming in the crystal clear sea.

If we compare the north of Turkey and Istanbul, the average annual temperature here is much higher than in some cities in Europe. On the coast of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas in prestigious resorts of Alanya, Antalya, Kemer, Bodrum, Side days are sunny and water in the sea is warm almost all year long. In winter, there is no snow. The temperature does not drop much, so it doesn't get colder than +15°C. Due to the climate in Turkey, vegetables and fruits are harvested several times per year.


Besides, being located in a subtropical climate, Turkey has a good environment. In the main resort area and even in larger cities there are no production facilities, factories or plants. Therefore, there are favorable conditions for retreat, holidays and relaxation. It is especially important for families with children and elderly people.

Well-developed facilities

Tourists and real estate agents comment that the main factor contributing to regularly increasing demand is the developed infrastructure for entertainment, rest, and daily life. Every new residential area provides shops, themed supermarkets, domestic service centers, markets, greengrocer's, playgrounds, sports facilities, schools, and universities. Public transport operates perfectly.

What is especially significant is that a lot of properties are focused on foreign buyers. That means services are available in English. Therefore, this new life feels easy to adopt.

Visa-free travel and transport

Turkey is open to citizens of European countries. To enter the country, a visa is not required. One needs to have only his or her passport. Each potential buyer has enough time to get acquainted with the uniqueness and the traditions of the country a lot closer and make the final choice of the housing. After acquiring a property, a residence permit is issued for a period of one to two years, which can be later extended.

In addition to the visa-free regime, it is important to mention a good transport connection is also an advantage. 
There are direct flights from the largest cities of Turkey (Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Ankara) to other countries for relatively little money. Intercity bus routes function well, which makes it possible to go on a trip and get to any region.

Cheap accommodation

Turkey isn't expensive when it comes to food, shopping and entertainment.

Organic fruits and vegetables, traditional sweets are always available and cheap.

In combination with the best value when it comes to the cost of square meters, certain bright prospects appear. For example, changing your place of living and purchasing an elite private property. One more advantage is the small cost of the purchase transaction itself, as well as the maintenance of the premises, which is much lower in comparison with Europe.

For example, the real estate tax, in Turkey, is only 0.1-0.2% of housing prices per year. The maintenance of the territory is split between all residents of a housing complex. Mortgages are affordable and every person with a stable income can afford them.

What do Profit Real Estate clients get?

Profit Real Estate agency provides an individualized approach and a full range of high-quality services, which makes it possible to become an owner of real estate in the best cities of the Turkish resort region in a short time in nearly no time.

The professional experience of the Profit Real Estate team combined with the advantages of living in Turkey is a guarantee of a bright present, and an auspicious future in this beautiful country! Contact us!


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