Free inspection tour

Free inspection tour is an opportunity to see all the delights of Turkish life and the selected property with your own eyes.

Acquisition of real estate abroad is a rather complicated matter.

The purchase of an apartment in one's homeland is a serious, responsible process. There is a lot of detail that needs to be foreseen. Of course, when it comes to purchasing real estate abroad, the following questions are added on top of everything else:

  • the nuances of local legislation
  • finding accommodation during the trip
  • scheduling one's visits of all selected objects
  • mentality
  • other

Indeed, if you can search for housing in your own country as much as you like, then in the case of buying an apartment abroad everything happens much faster, which means that there will be a lot less time to think and make the only right decision.

How to make the selection process relaxed, pleasant and risk-free for a foreign buyer?

The main task of Profit Real Estate is to help you become the rightful owner of quality real estate in Turkey.

We offer a free inspection tour with accommodation in comfortable apartments. Our customers can check all the selected properties and choose the most suitable option for themselves.

Inspection tour by Profit Real Estate

this is not just a trip to buy a house. It is a thoughtful, very detailed program that is individually created for each potential client.

All our customers who have decided to become the owner of real estate in Turkey are welcome to use this service.

An inspection tour usually lasts for 3-5 days.

During this time we will show the characteristic traits of lifestyle, culture, attractions in the best resort cities of the country. We will have a tour and consider all the favorable offers on the market.

If you decide on a purchase, our agency will fully cover all the costs of your inspection tour (including plane tickets, depending on the cost of the property).

If you decide that none of the places was the one, the price of the inspection trip will be only $ 150.

Our services in organizing a free inspection tour include:

Meeting at the auto company and transfer to comfortable apartments.

Extensive consultation on financial, legal and other questions related to the Turkish housing market.

You will be able to take your time to properly see the selected property and make the final choice.

Inspection tour program

Day One

Our employee meets you at the airport, brings you to luxury apartments and checks you in. Then you can relax and look around.

Day Two

You get to the office, meet our team and get professional advice on all matters. The next step is a sightseeing tour around the city. During the tour we will tell about the infrastructure, districts and their advantages, different attractions, local recreation and accommodation.

Day Three

We select apartments accompanied by an English-speaking company employee.

Day Four

Our assistance consists in: we prepare all the paperwork, coordinate all legal, financial aspects of the transaction. On the same day once you select the property a contract can be signed and a deposit can be paid.

Profit Real Estate

guarantees the reliability, safety and benefits of your investment!


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