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Price: from 79 000 €

A new project with a comfortable facilities in the Alanya Payallar area at a bargain price

Alanya, Payallar

1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1


60-188 m2

# ID 9308

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Price: from 55 000 €

Apartment of different layouts in a premium class residence under construction in Mersin's Tomuk area

Mersin, Tömük

1+1, 2+1


60-90 m2

# ID 9294

Price: from 108 000 €

Two- and three-room apartments in a premium class complex 150m from the sea in Cesmeli, Mersin

Mersin, Kargıpınarı

2+1, 3+1


115-175 m2

# ID 9287

Price: from 80 000 €

Apartment 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 in a large-scale luxury residence in Kargipınari, Mersin, 250m from the sea

Mersin, Kargıpınarı

1+1, 2+1, 3+1


85-150 m2

# ID 9284

Buy real estate in Turkey by the sea

Turkey is a country of sunny days. It is worth buying a house by the sea at a very reasonable cost. You can enjoy a long talk about this land. There were many historical events, many traces of ancient civilizations. But still,  a person who checks the website of a well-known real estate company is interested in the real estate itself.

How to buy real estate by the sea in Turkey?

First, the office of our agency is in the resort town of Alanya. Most of apartments, houses, cottages, villas and, of course, luxury apartments are directly in the coastal regions of the Mediterranean. We know the answer to “how to buy housing in Turkey by the sea ”.
недвижимость в Турции у моря
real estate in Turkey by the sea
Real estate on the seashore in Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria, Montenegro or Greece is always in price. You must agree, it is much more pleasant to contemplate a beautiful blue stripe extending beyond the horizon from the window of your apartment or villa. The view of the sea is picturesque. It inspires, calms down, and sometimes has a therapeutic effect. Just a few people are indifferent to nature or deliberately choose the blank wall of a nearby house. The prices of apartments with a sea view increase depending on the distance to the sea and the area. The most expensive ones usually have a mark "on the first coastline". In this case, the beach or the promenade is very close.
недвижимость в Турции у моря
real estate in Turkey by the sea

Getting profit from your apartment by the sea

Having an apartment in Turkey by the sea is always a great choice. It has a few advantages. First, this area is never cold in winter. Drafts and cold winds will not reach you. Second, in the hot summer months, the air is pretty cool because of the sea. Third, it is always easy to rent out an apartment by the sea during the holiday season and make money on it. So, considering a purchase in the future, take it into account.
Profit Real Estate specializes in the sale of real estate in Turkey by the sea, from developer or owner, secondary housing, luxury or inexpensive real estate. Contact us! We are glad to help you, meet, arrange a viewing tour, and find a property on the seashore. We will rankly tell all the "pros" and "cons" of different places and become your reliable friend in such a unique country, like Turkey.
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