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Buying an apartment in Tosmur Alanya, Turkey

You may be familiar with the phrase: "East or west, home is the best"! Indeed, one of the most important aspects of everyday life is having a place where you can return and feel relaxed. All of us need a place where we calm down and restore the energy spent during the day. Coming back home makes our life enjoyable. Buying a property is also one of the best options for investing money. It is an opportunity to make profits regardless of market conditions.
Today it is profitable to buy real estate abroad in southern countries with access to a sea or ocean. Turkey deserves special attention. Its social and economic development impresses. Foreign investors made it possible to actively develop the construction industry and infrastructure. Buying a property in this country today is the right decision. It will make a profitable investment. Our agency offers professional assistance for those who wish to buy a property in Turkey.

Real estate in Tosmur Alanya

Alanya coast is a popular and picturesque place for vacations. In recent years a lot of buyers from Europe and the CIS countries have been purchasing real estate here. Alanya is a developed and modern centre of tourism on the Mediterranean coast. The city's territory has several districts with new residential complexes in each one of them. Tosmur is a trendy district of Alanya. It has a good location between the Dimçayı river and the sea. The distance from the centre of Alanya is only 5 km. The resort borders with the famous residential area called Oba. Due to the fresh, mountainous waters of the river and sea breeze, the temperature is very comfortable in summer.
to buy an apartment Tosmur Alania
What can this resort offer to buyers?
Buying real estate in Tosmur and its advantages:
  • Well-developed infrastructure. It has everything you need for comfortable living: shops, luxury boutiques, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, spa salons, pharmacies and schools, bazaars and shops with fresh products. There are outdoor sports grounds, bicycle paths, a beautiful promenade for evening strolls. Check the sandy beaches with small pebbles, where you can comfortably sit on a sun lounger with drinks from a nearby cafe.
  • Tosmur is very green. It has parks with some entertainment for all ages. The climate and level of life make real estate here suitable for families with children and elderly people.
  • Apartments in Tosmur vary in cost. Everyone can choose a suitable option. On the market, older houses are cheaper. New luxury complexes close to the sea coast are much more expensive comparing to the average price of square meters in Alanya.
  • Buying a house in Tosmur means not only getting a good quality of construction, but also a beautiful view on the Dimçayı River or the Mediterranean Sea. It makes the area unique.
  • Developers offer to purchase housing on credit or by instalments, depending on the building and its location. In this case, you need an additional agreement with the construction company.

Tosmur Alania

Profit Real Estate agency

Our real estate agency offers a catalogue of luxury apartments in Tosmur. We are sure that our real estate will to satisfy any request of the most demanding client. Come over to check the options you like and enjoy the free viewing tour. It will help you make the right decision and buy the place of your dreams. Years of experience allow us to establish contacts with the best developers in Turkey. Our clients receive the top level of comfort and security. We assist if you need help with all documentation and legal side of the purchase. Profit Real Estate strives to create the best conditions for you. Welcome to Alanya!
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