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Real estate in Gaziveren, North Cyprus - affordable housing.

Buying property abroad has been one of the hottest topics of the last decade. Due to active economic and social development, Turkey and the Republic of Northern Cyprus are popular among visitors from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the CIS countries. Cyprus is one of the attractive places in the Mediterranean.
Houses and apartments in North Cyprus are fully furnished. Divine nature is around them. The northern part of the island is popular among tourists. Due to this fact, the infrastructure is developing here. Therefore, many foreigners come to Cyprus to buy a private property not only for vacations but also for permanent living.

Luxury real estate in Gaziveren (North Cyprus).

Gaziveren is a small and cosy village in Guzelyurt region located in the northwest of the island. It takes only one hour to reach the airport and half an hour to get to Kyrenia. Our company is ready to offer you luxury apartments in Gaziveren. What do tourists and residents like about this town? First, the charming nature. There are many orange orchards around. Strawberries grow everywhere. It is a great place for living and vacations. It is pristine, calm, and quiet. Real estate in Gaziveren is all about excellent modern houses at attractive prices.
The village has clean sandy beaches, warm and clear water, and delicious cuisine. Among the traits of the area, it is worth mentioning the hospitality of local people. They are always glad to see the guests and do their best to make everyone happy. Summer here lasts almost eight months. Winter is very mild and pleasant. For those who are in love with the Mediterranean region, this is a truly unique place to live and enjoy their time.
Real estate market in North Cyprus opened not so long ago. Therefore, for investors and those who plan to find an apartment for themselves, there are modern properties with excellent conditions. We offer large apartments in comfortable family-type residential complexes, luxury beach apartments, houses and villas in Gaziveren. An apartment here will allow you to admire the beautiful landscapes of the blue sea all year-round.
Profit Real Estate is:
  • an up-to-date, growing database of exclusive residential properties;
  • our experience which allows us to approach the individual needs of each potential buyer;
  • a creative and reasonable approach that helps our clients to make their dream about a house by the sea come true;
  • the opportunity to enjoy a free viewing tour to choose the house;
  • comprehensive support of the transaction and preparation of all necessary documents.
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