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Real estate for sale in Konakli Turkey

Today, many foreigners want to buy real estate in Turkey. What is the reason for this trend? First of all, the unique location, Mediterranean climate and rich historical past. Along with this, the country has been actively developing in social, political and financial spheres. All of it provides you with an excellent opportunity to invest in real estate. It may be a temporary or permanent residence or profit from renting a place out.  Alanya is one of the most popular locations with prestigious properties. Let's not forget about small towns nearby. We invite you to learn more about the resort of Konakli.

Alanya Konakli – the location and advantages

The village is 10 km from Alanya and 120 km from Antalya. It is one of its oldest districts. 
The population of the town is only 20 thousand people. In the summer, the number of residents increases several times, due to the flow of tourists. On one hand, the coastal village of Konakli is a place with a well-developed infrastructure. On the other, it is a calm, picturesque, clean and green place. There are parks, alleys for slow and pleasant walks, playgrounds, squares and cool fountains. The main road passes through the town and allows you to get to Antalya, Alanya and nearby locations. The main street is a shopping area with a lot of stores, food and souvenir stalls. Also, everyone can get to the eastern market, where you can find almost absolutely everything: from food to clothes.
Konakli Alanya Turkey
Historical and natural attractions of Konakli:
  • There is a picturesque Turtle Beach with fine sand. It is at some distance from city beaches among the rocks.
  • There are the main mosque and a beautiful clock tower. There are many fountains around.
  • Anyone can get closer to the historical past by visiting the 13th-century Caravanserai, a symbol of the Seljuk Turks.
Also, there are entertaining tours and short trips to different places on the Antalya coast.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in Konakli?

Currently, a lot of new residential complexes appear here, most of which are elite-level housing. An apartment in Konakli will cost a little more than in other places in Alanya, as this area offers several advantages to private property owners.
Let's check the main ones:
  • Luxury residential complexes are far from the highway on a hill. A beautiful view of the mountains, sea and sunset opens from the windows of apartments or villas.
  • The infrastructure is well-developed. Here you find all the facilities for a comfortable stay: shops, SPA-salons, sports complexes, schools, hospitals, pharmacies, nightclubs, cafes, restaurants, golf courses and others.
  • Developers offer favourable conditions.
  • It is worth mentioning the quality of construction, beautiful architecture and design, the high level of work and high-quality constructing materials.

real estate Konakli Alanya Turkey

Our agency offers the best real estate in Konakli (Turkey). The catalogue on our site presents modern apartments, fully furnished houses and other residential and commercial buildings. Also, we invite you to come over for a free viewing tour together with the professional team of Profit Real Estate. Contact us! We will help you make a dream about real estate in Turkey come true !
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