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Real estate in Gazipasa Turkey: hotels and apartments

Profit Real Estate offers apartments, hotels and other commercial real estates in Gazipasa (Turkey). Gazipasa is a small town in the Mediterranean. It is a district of Antalya, but closer to Alanya (40 minutes drive from it). Gazipasa is 180 km away from Antalya. The town used to be famous for its ancient history. Check out the remains of the ancient city of Selinus in the mountains. There you can climb the stairs, touch the monuments of history, admire the gorgeous seascapes. The sights include the Kizilin cave where you can feel the "breath" of the mountains.
Hotels in Gazipasa occupy the entire coastline. The area stretches for almost 60 km along the seashore. Recently, Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport opened near the town. The population is growing, residential complexes appear. The town's infrastructure becomes more developed and modern.

Gazipasa - a paradise for relaxation and living by the sea

The most famous beach, the sandy Selinus is a vacation spot that has everything you need for a great time by the sea:
  • a well-maintained green park and neat walking paths by the sea;
  • free barbecue spots and stone barbecues;
  • many shops with everything you need for a picnic (barbecue grates, coal);
  • everything you need to enjoy water sports and other activities: slides, scooters, skis, "bananas";
  • on the beach you can find turtles that come to lay eggs;
  • playgrounds, swimming pools, cafes, a small restaurant and others.
The beach ends in the mountains. The rocks descend directly into the sea. You can find out the prices for real estate in Turkey (Alanya, Antalya) at Profit Real Estate Agency. What do you want to buy and we will find many suitable options. Come over to visit us on the Mediterranean coast for a free viewing tour and choose the best properties. Gazipasa is an eco-friendly area (there are no enterprises here). Agriculture is thriving. Locals grow bananas, which are distributed throughout Turkey and exported to other countries.
Recently, a port for yachts and fishing vessels appeared here. It makes Gazipasa real estate more profitable and attractive for purchase.
Contact us! We will be glad to see you visiting Turkey and living here!
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