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Цена: from 108 000 €

Apartment from the developer in installments, at the project stage, Demirtas, Alanya, 56-169 m2

1+1, 2+1, 3+1

февраль 2025

56-169 m²

# ID 14946

Цена: from 99 000 €

Apartment for investment in installments from the developer, Demirtas, Alanya, 46-160 m2

1+1, 2+1, 3+1

май 2025

46-160 m²

# ID 14455

Цена: from 90 000 €

Attractive investment project, 50-151m2, at an affordable price, in Demirtas, Alanya

1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1


50-151,3 m²

# ID 14350

Цена: from 137 500 €

Apartment from the developer in a residence with hotel facilities, Demirtas, Alanya, 60-182 m2

1+1, 2+1, 4+1

апрель 2024

60-182 m²

# ID 14283

Real estate in Demirtas, Alanya, Turkey

The domain of Profit Real Estate is the sale of residential real estate in Turkey. Our specialization is apartments in the resort towns of the Mediterranean coast (Antalya, Istanbul, Alanya, etc.) Due to our database and agreements with developers, we always have up-to-date information and offer our customers the most advantageous properties. Why is Turkey so popular among foreigners? There are several reasons. It is a suitable place for permanent residence and vacations. The mild climate, unique nature, favourable ecological situation, rich history and distinctive traditions make Turkey special. Everyone feels the hospitality of locals, their openness and desire to have good relations with visitors.
Today the state is taking the lead in terms of economic growth. It has a positive effect on all aspects of life. Many spheres started to develop. For example, tourism, industry, construction business, trade, high-quality residential buildings appear, infrastructure facilities and roads. All of it creates a favourable climate for new investments by foreign citizens and companies in the country's economy. Today you can buy an apartment in Turkey at the best prices.
Demirtas Turkey

Apartments in Demirtas Alanya

Alanya coast is one of the most popular tourist resorts of the Mediterranean Sea. Demirtas is 20 km from Alanya. Also, it is only 16 km from the new airport of Gazipasa. Since 2010 the active development of the fashionable district called Demirtas has begun. It is worth mentioning that in just a few years, the village will become one of the most popular resorts and attractive locations for real estate investment.
Demirtas attractions and advantages:
  • The resort has an atmosphere of tranquillity. Beautiful nature and amazing views of the sea and mountains make everyone feel the joy of life. Locals and foreigners who prefer clean air and silence own most of the villas and cottages. There are wide pebbly and sandy beaches and crystal clear seas.
  • Even though the development of the village has recently begun, it already has everything you need for a comfortable stay: supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, restaurants, cosy cafes and bakeries. The public transport network operates well. There are no noisy discos and nightclubs nearby, but you can join the equestrian club or visit the ancient sights. For example, Sapadere canyon or the ancient city of Syedra built in the 3rd century BC. There is practically no reliable information about ancient ruins. However, the remaining scraps of data tell that the talented commander Pompey stayed here. Also, during the Roman Empire, the city had its coins.
  • The advantages include the prices for real estate and the land in Demirtas, Alanya. Now they are affordable, as foreigners do not know much about the area yet. It is an excellent opportunity to purchase commercial real estate to start your own business, open a restaurant, SPA-salon or sports club.

Properties in Demirtas, Alanya

How to make a good deal on real estate in Demirtas?

Profit Real Estate offers you the best housing in the region apartments in modern residential complexes and luxury villas with panoramic views. On the company's website, you will find a catalogue of properties with detailed descriptions, photos and characteristics. We understand that the best way to make your choice is to see the property in person. Therefore, we offer our clients a unique, free option of a viewing tour. You will have a chance to check the properties and enjoy the atmosphere of the place. It is an opportunity to contemplate the surrounding nature. We guarantee full transaction support and legal documentation. Buying an apartment in Turkey is fast and safe with our agency!
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