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Real estate in Side Turkey

Buying property in Side is advantageous not only for ancient culture enthusiasts, but also for those who wish to settle by the sea, enjoying all the benefits of civilization. The town is small. It spreads on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey in Antalya province, 75 km from Antalya centre on the flat peninsula. The climate here is very mild, one can enjoy the sea almost all year round except for a couple of rainy winter months. Antiquity is around those who visit Side. The winding streets are full of historical monuments. The town is surrounded by the sea on three sides. It is away from the noisy highway. You can relax and take a break from the bustle of the world. The symbol of Side and its fertility is pomegranate. This exotic fruit grows everywhere here. Take a closer took at grocery stores, souvenir shops and monuments.
недвижимость в Сиде

Do you want to enjoy Greek antiquity? Buy a property in the city of Side or look for an apartment in the region.

Amazing sights of Side

The town is quite similar to an open-air museum. Ancient ruins and architectural monuments with a millennial history are everywhere. Let’s take a closer look:
    •   the largest surviving amphitheatre in Turkey, it could fit 20 thousand people at the same time;
    •  the man-made waterfall and fountain "Nymphaeum", Agora market square, where one could find everything from food to slaves;
    • the Byzantine library and basilica, the columns of the Temple of Apollo, where Cleopatra was meeting Antony;
    • fragments of the city's fortress walls with loopholes. Also, along the coastline there are ruins of the destroyed city, which have sunk under the water over time.
Recently, an underwater museum was opened in the city. A few interesting historical objects are exposed to divers.
недвижимость в Сиде

Apartments in Side

Come over for a free viewing tour from Profit Real Estate to take a closer look and buy a cosy nest here. Whether it will be a studio apartment or more luxurious Turkish real estate. Here you can feel how the past is balanced with the present.
недвижимость в Сиде
Modern properties do not ruin the impression of the ancient city. The residents and guests of Side have all the benefits of modern life. Here you can find the right place to spend vacations or to move permanently.
Real estate in Side Turkey is available on the best terms! We are ready to help!
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