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Real estate in Istanbul in Sariyer on the coast of the Bosphorus and the Black Sea

Real estate in Sarıyer is quite popular. It is a beautiful area of the European part of Istanbul. It spreads on the coast of the Bosphorus and the Black Sea and covers the entire northeastern part of the metropolis. Istanbul is a city of contrasts. It has mixed the cultures from different parts of the world, the bustle of the metropolis, and the silence of residential areas. Sariyer is one of the most striking examples of such a mixture. The area is famous for its beautiful river banks and dense forest, landscapes and buildings.

Sariyer elite Istanbul district 

  1. You can buy different real estate in Sariyer, depending on the financial capacities and wishes.
  2. Driving through the area, you will see different architecture. It can be an old house with wooden windows and a painted balcony, a villa with a swimming pool, and a designer exterior. You might visit a comfortable apartment in a modern residential complex with parking, security service, and a smart home system.
  3. This place has witnessed many events. First,  the ancient wars and defensive fortress. Later, the life of fishermen and their families in small villages. Then, the sultans and wealthy Turks were coming here. Later on, the residences of foreign embassies appeared.
  4. Many people dream of buying a house in Sariyer now. The area has attracted the attention of stars and politicians, the world's cultural and business elite.
  5. Sariyer borders Beşiktaş, Kâğıthane and Eyup. The population of the district is over 270 thousand people. There is an excellent road that connects Sariyer with other districts of Istanbul.
  6. There are many attractions in the city: the arboretum, the Emirgan Park (famous for the Tulip Festival), the Rumeli Hisary fortress, the Sapphire Tower, the mausoleum, and museums.
  7.  If you own a cottage in Sariyer, you can often get out to the Belgrade forest. It is a popular picnic area. For those who love beaches, there are also excellent opportunities. Wide strips of sand and pebbles are ready to delight their visitors all year round.
  8. There is everything here: schools, university departments, consulates, many grocery and brand shops, picturesque marinas with fish restaurants and fresh fish markets.
  9. Houses surrounded by trees and flowers, panoramic views of the Bosphorus and the Black Sea, moored yachts. It is all about Sariyer, the quietest area of the metropolis.
Real estate in Istanbul in Sariyer
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