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Цена: from 75 000 €

Modern apartments in a stylish complex in Istanbul, Turkey

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60-251 m²

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Цена: from 68 000 €

Lovely apartments of different layouts in Istanbul, Turkey

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40-421 m²

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Цена: from 165 500 €

New ready project in Istanbul Bagjylar district

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70-110 m²

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Real estate in Bagcilar Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most significant cities in Turkey. Its unique location, culture political and commercial activities, art and finance closely intertwine. The city lies on two shores of the Bosphorus. Two continents with different cultures which get along very well. Today, ancient Constantinople is a real metropolis that is difficult to grasp in a short while. It is impossible to get to know it in a few days. Once you visit it, the idea of coming back is going to dwell in you! Dua to its advantages, every year more and more foreigners come here seeking for real estate. One enjoys the beauty of these places. Also, there are opportunities to invest with a confident perspective for the future.

3 reasons to choose Bagcilar for living

Experts advise buying real estate here right now for the following reasons:

  1. First, the prices for square meters of living space are good. Every year the population of the metropolis is growing. Renting or reselling the property will bring a great profit.
  2. Second, the infrastructure is actively developing. This step of the government makes life in the megalopolis as comfortable as possible and reduces traffic jams. Many bridges, flyover crossings, convenient interchanges, tunnels, alternative modes of transport (sea trams, buses) appear. 
  3. Third, in Istanbul, you find a high standard of living. Modern airports allow you to get to anywhere in the world in a short time, huge shopping centres attract everyone who wants to get carried away with shopping. Different business projects guarantee profitability and success. The changes in the country's legislation are quite remarkable. Foreigners can profitably purchase private property at the best prices or arrange mortgage loans. The conditions for registration of transactions and a bank loan significantly simplified. This step helps many residents of the CIS countries and Europe to become the owners of real estate in Istanbul.

Features of Bağcılar, the European District of Istanbul 

Istanbul, like any city in the world, is administratively divided into several districts. Each one is different from the other and has several unique characteristics. Within the list of the locations with residential and commercial real estate, Bagcilar stands out quite a bit. Its features are trading, manufacturing, and education. This district has appealing prices for real estate. Our agency offers quality houses and apartments in Istanbul in Bagcilar. 

The main advantages of buying a property in Bagcilar are:

  • It is one of the best districts for those who plan to develop their business. Many transport, manufacturing and trading companies are here.
  • The range of properties in Istanbul in Bagcilar is from 40 m2 to 400 m2.
  • All residential complexes offer a diverse infrastructure. There are sports grounds, shops, restaurants and beauty parlours.
  • An Olympic sports complex is not far from Bagcilar. There are plenty of transport options. From here you can quickly get to the airport.
  • The residential complexes are well-maintained. There is round-the-clock security service.
  • The premises usually have heating systems, plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning and kitchen furniture.

How much are new apartments in Istanbul, Bagcilar

Profit Real Estate is ready to offer you our services to purchase real estate in Istanbul and its administrative districts. In Bagcilar prices per square meter start at $ 600 in the suburbs and rise in the central part of Bagcilar. To make the right choice, please contact our agency. We have only the best properties, the best value for money and a full range of services to support the purchase and sale transaction. To make a final decision, we invite you to a free viewing tour!

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