How to obtain a residence permit in Turkey


How to obtain a residence permit in Turkey

A residence permit is a document that makes it possible to reside in Turkey for one to two years without leaving. After the expiration of a current permit validity period, you can renew it as many times as you wish. You will not be allowed to work, though. If necessary, it is worth getting a work permit.

Turkish residence permit looks like a card. It is called Ikamet.

Our article answers the following questions:

1. What is a residence permit? What rights does it give?

2. How to obtain a residence permit?

3. A step-by-step guide for property owners in Alanya, Turkey.

4. How to renew your residence permit in 2019.

5. The nuances of obtaining a family residence permit.

What is a residence permit in Turkey?

What rights does IKAMET give?

  • Insurance and treatment at hospitals.
  • Buying a car and getting a driving license.
  • Applying for mortgage loans on the same terms as the nationals.
  • Education in state schools.

There are several types of residence permits:

  • short-term residence permit or Kısa Dönem İkamet İzni;
  • long-term residence permit or Uzun Dönem İkamet İzni.

A person receives a short-term certificate in several cases. First, you are a tourist. Second, you have a property in Turkey (the owner must have the TAPU, a certificate of ownership). Third, you study Turkish (if a special permit from the Ministry of Education is attached). Fourth, you participate in a student exchange program, internship,' Education in the European Union' or 'ERASMUS'. Fifth, you arrive for medical treatment (except when the patient's condition may pose a danger to other people). Sixth, you have commercial purposes and work. Seventh, you have a family in Turkey or other family members. Eighth, you need asylum as a refuge or victim of violence.

A person who resides in Turkey for at least eight years on a short term permit has the right to obtain a long-term permit. It is important, that the applicant did not stay outside Turkey for more than 365 days or more than 180 days a year over the past five years.

Who cannot get a Turkish residence permit?

The following individuals:

  • Without a valid passport. The residence permit must not expire within 60 days before the expiry date of the passport.
  • People with a restriction to enter Turkey.
  • Individuals who in any way threaten the wellbeing and safety of the citizens.
  • People whose conditions can harm the health of the nation.
  • Individuals who committed illegal acts.
  • The ones who provided a false itinerary to justify their arrival.
  • Individuals who violated visa regulations or the previous residence permit and didn't pay fines, debts and taxes.
  • Those who do not have insurance for the entire stay.
  • Individuals who do not have the required amount of money for the entire stay.

The reasons for refusal, cancellation or impossibility of extending a residence permit in Turkey may be:

  • Failure to comply with any of the requirements for issuing a permit, or their cancellation.
  • Disclosure of the disagreement between the reasons specified in an application and the real purpose.
  • Deportation or restrictions.
  • Forged documents.

A residence permit for retired citizens does not have any differences or special rules from standard documents. Some insurance companies are not so willing to give insurance to those who are over 65 years old. However, this is not a big issue.

How to obtain a residence permit in Turkey?

These regulations came into operation in 2019. Let take Alanya as an example.

We have prepared a step-by-step guide for you.

What do you need to do?

Make all bank statements.

Contact the bank you have an account and ask for last year statement. There must be at least 3,000 liras per person per month. It usually takes one day ( depends on the bank). The migration service officers do not always ask for the statement. But it is better to have it with you.

Purchase of a Turkish sim card to register a tax number.

Everything is simple here. It is enough to check any cell phone store. Turk Telekom is the monopoly of mobile communications in Turkey. The approximate cost of a SIM card is 60 liras. You have to have your passport to buy it.

Renting your first apartment

You can rent an apartment independently (if you speak Turkish). Also, you may decide to seek the help of a real estate agency. The second option is more reliable and preferable. It will save you from all the hassle associated with negotiations with the owner, preparation of papers, assistance in calling the foremen, if you need to fix or buy something, etc.

Find out in advance whether the owner or your agent will provide the lease certified by a notary. It will be required to apply for Ikamet.

Registration of a tax number.

The tax office is called Vergi dairesi in Turkish. To register it, you should have a copy of the passport. Vergi numarasi is an official A4 paper.

After receiving Vergi numarasi, you should either carry it with you or take a picture of it, as it is needed to prepare other papers.

Alanya Tax Office Address: Kadıpaşa Mahallesi , Sugözü Cd . No: 6, 07400.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00. Lunch break - from 12:00 to 13:00.

Biometric photo.

Go to any photo studio in the city and request six photos. Copy the originals to a flashcard. You will need them later when registering for an online application.

Medical insurance.

In Turkey, you need to get medical insurance for a residence permit through an insurance company. Choose one, fill out an application and pay. Usually, real estate agencies advise a reliable company and help with registration.

The insurance is valid for a year and costs around 100 liras. The total amount depends on the medical service provided. The date of issue of Ikamet will correspond to the date specified in the insurance.

There will be two copies: one remains with the client, the other one goes to the Ikamet application. In about two weeks, the medical card is ready. You will only need to collect it. We recommend keeping it with you. In case of any health problem, the ambulance finds information in the database.

Signing a rental agreement

Real estate companies make contracts and enter the passport details in the presence of the client. It is better to give a deposit, so the tenant is sure that no other candidate will visit the property. The amount of the deposit is often half of the monthly rent. The client transfers the money signs the contract and both, the realtor and the client have their copy.

The realtor is also present at the notary, both sides sign the contract, and the notary certifies the tenant's passport. For the services, you will approximately need to pay about 500 liras.

You will need your passport and tax number. The agent will bring all the other documents. If you do not know Turkish, you will need a translator. It is worth checking the information on the deposit in the agreement. We recommend taking a receipt from the owner (that proves he received money for the first month of rent and your deposit).

Utility Services Contracts

One more important detail. If the previous tenant has debts, the owner or the agent (as the official representative of the owner) pays them before your arrival.

We recommend having an account in any Turkish bank. The migration service does not always ask about it. You can open it in advance.

Registering a water bill on your name requires earthquake insurance or Dask. You can receive it in the same place as your insurance documents. Dask cost about 50 liras.

At the initial stage, you pay 40 liras as a deposit. You get the refund after the end of the contract.

Required documents: lease agreement, paid invoice, the photo of the meter. After registration, you get a tag with your number that will be on the device.

In Alanya, registration takes place at Asat head office.

Address : Hacet Mahallesi, Asat, 07400 Alanya.

Working days: Monday - Friday from 8:00 to 18:00, lunch from 12:30 to 13:30.

The electricity bill on the new name costs 120 liras. It is a refundable deposit. You will receive it back after the end of the lease.

The place of registration is Akdeniz elektrik office. Here, you fill out the application. It transfers to Evrak Kayit department. There you get a number in line and need to wait for your turn according to it.

Documents: a copy of the passport, tax number, photo of the meter, the last paid bill, medical insurance.

Akdeniz elektrik's address in Alanya is Hacet Mahallesi , 07400.

Working hours: Monday - Friday from 8:00 to 18:00, lunch break from 12:30 to 13:30.

Opening a bank account.

It is free. Take your tax number, earthquake insurance, a receipt for paying the deposit for water and electricity. You will install a mobile application with a login and password. It is possible to change it within up to 1 week. Opening an account is quick. You can order the card delivered directly to your place or obtain it at the bank in seven working days.

You will install a mobile application with a login and password. It is possible to change it within up to 1 week. Opening an account is a quick procedure. You can order the card delivered directly to your place or take it at the bank. It takes seven working days.

An invoice is not required. It will come in handy when re-applying for Ikamet so that the migration service can see that the person does not work in Turkey. This way is also convenient to pay bills and send money to pay rent.

Application for IKAMET.

Fill out an online form on the website of the migration service. Typically, the start date of the residence permit is the same as the date of getting insurance. That means that the foreigner resides legally in the country while waiting for an appointment (a rendezvous).

After filling out the form, the system offers an appointment date at the Migration Board. Usually, it is 2-3 months after you fill the form. The fee is 220 liras. You pay it at the tax office. ( the same place where you receive the personal tax number). Take a printed statement and tax code with you.

Appointment at the migration agency.

Think in advance about the reasons for moving to the country, the place of work, the level of income. What documents do you need for a residence permit in Turkey?

Take the following documents for an appointment:

  • An application for IKAMET. A receipt for its payment.
  • Original and a copy of the passport.
  • Bank statements (Turkish).
  • Biometric photos. You have to bring 4 of them.
  • Insurance.
  • Lease agreement (notary stamped).
  • Copy of the passport of the owner of the property (the landlord).
  • Copy of the TAPU of the owner.
  • A folder for all documents.

Do not leave the state before the appointment. Otherwise, it is automatically cancelled. You will have to start all over again. If you have an urgent need to do it, provide the reasons at the migration department.

Alanya address: Şekerhane Mahallesi , Gücüoğlu Sk No: 18.

Reception hours: Monday – Friday from 8:30 to 17:30, lunch break from 12:30 to 13:30.</>

If your appointment goes well, the law allows you to leave the country for two weeks. Before that, you need to come to Göç Idaresi with your passport, ticket and paper issued after the rendezvous.

It takes from 2 weeks to 3 months to get Ikamet. You will receive it by e-mail mentioned in your application. You will receive an SMS when the card arrives at the post office. Then, the courier will deliver it to you (you will have to show your passport). It is better to have IKAMET with you all the time. Now you can leave the state for a total of three months. Exceeding this period might cause the loss of a residence permit.

Registration in the apartment.

You have to do it within seven days after the conclusion of the agreement. However, registration is possible only after receiving the Ikamet. There are no penalties, so you can stay in your apartment until you receive your residence permit card. The procedure does not require payment.

Let's calculate the total cost of obtaining a residence permit:

  • SIM card cost from 80 to 100 TL.
  • Six biometric photos cost 20 TL.
  • Medical insurance cost is 100 TL and more.
  • Notary agreement and passport translation cost are 500 TL and more. The amount depends on the citizenship.
  • Earthquake insurance costs about 50 TL.
  • Water and electricity bills signed or your name are free of charge. You need to pay a refundable deposit (water - 40 TL, electricity - 120 TL).
  • State fee for ikamet - 220 TL.
  • The approximate cost will be around 1400 TL if there are no additional costs. The margin of about 1600-1700 TL.

How to renew your residence permit in Turkey in 2019?

The IKAMET extension stages are simple and include the following steps:

  • Confirm the residential address. If it has not changed, you need to go to Nufus Mudurlugu and get a paper confirming this. Renting a new apartment requires signing a new contract.
  • Obtain insurance.
  • Recent biometric photos (printed) and their copies on a flashcard.
  • Fill out a form on the website of the migration agency. Choose an additional option to extend. When you are done with the data entry, the system will offer several appointment dates.
  • Pay the fee for your online form at the tax office or the migration agency. Print it and take the form with you. Sign it on the last page.
  • Appointment (Rendezvous). The officer at the agency checks your papers and decides whether to extend your permit or not.

Residence permit in Turkey when buying real estate.

Let us have a closer look at the rules for obtaining a residence permit for property owners in Alanya according to the charter of the Migration Board of 2015. What should you do if you own a property in Antalya and plan to get a residence permit? First, register on the official website of the Migration Board. Fill out an online form at 'Centralized Rendezvous System'.

There are three types of online forms:

  • Application for the extension.
  • First application.
  • Permit transfer

Upload your photo (on the white background). The is a button for it.

Choose one of three languages: English, Turkish. German and Arabic have been added for some time now. Please, note that the time for entering data is limited. If the session is inactive for some time, it will end automatically. Once you submit the form, the system confirms it. You can print it with the recommendations and a list of all necessary documents.

It's been possible to choose a convenient date for your appointment at the Migration Board since May 2019.

! You cannot cancel or reschedule the date. If you do not appear, the application is no longer valid.

There is a fee you need to pay after the appointment at Alanya Tax Office. The amount is in the form on the website. Do not forget your passport and get a receipt with a seal and signature.

In Antalya, the tax on a tourist residence permit is about 222 liras for one year. You can pay either in cash or by card.

Ticket offices are open from 8:30 to 17:30 (lunch break from 12:30 to 13:30). Sunday is a day off.

You need to bring the documents (including the receipt) to the migration service (on the appointed date). Since 02.05.2019, applications are accepted only in person.

Family residence permit in Turkey - the list of required documents.

For a family residence permit or Ikamet by marriage, you have to have your papers translated into Turkish and confirmed by a notary with the Apostille attached.

These are the documents you need:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Parental permission for children.
  • The court's decision.

You are not allowed to start the procedure without an apostille certification.

Working hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 13:00.

You need to pay the consular fee using your card at the consulate.


  • translation into Turkish is approximately 60 liras per paper;
  • notarial certification is about 85 liras per paper.
  • Apostille is 140 lire.

IKAMET card arrives by post. The courier delivers it directly to its owner. You can also receive the card at the post office.

It has a window for issuing official papers. It is open from 8:30 to 17:00 without a break. Sunday is a day off. You will need your passport and a notification from the postman.

What is the difference between a residence permit and citizenship? Practically, nothing. You pay taxes on an equal basis with all residents of Turkey.


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