Utility bills in Turkey: how much should you pay for services and consumption?


What are the property maintenance costs in Turkey?

If you have considered buying a property in Antalya, Istanbul or Alanya, you might have wondered about the utility costs. Do you wish to own a house by the sea or in a metropolis at the crossroads of two civilizations? But the question is: how much will it all cost?

We want to reassure you. The prices for real estate and its maintenance are affordable!

The property maintenance costs depend on the property, building, and its location. For a small studio in a residential complex, you need to pay significantly less every month compared to the maintenance of an elite two-storey villa in the mountains, with a hammam, a garden and swimming pools. Here, we have prepared some information about the maintenance cost in Turkey.

Utility bills, are they so different from the ones we are used to receiving?

Paying utility bills is just something we all have to do. You usually need to pay for gas, water, electricity, and waste. AİDAT is the maintenance fee for the maintenance of the residential complex. The personnel working on-site takes care of the place. You don't have to worry about staircases, the elevator, green areas or the pool.

Also, there is no central heating system in the resorts. Due to climate conditions (hot summers and humid winters), air conditioners heat the houses. They are in every room. Another option is to have room heaters that use electricity. The electric bill may be high and make a good portion of your total utility bill.

Solar panels are in many homes to save electricity and switch to a green energy source. On warm winter and autumn days, the windows are kept open. The temperature rises to +20°C outside. Open windows help to ventilate the rooms and let in some sun. Gas stoves are very common as well. The meters installed for each apartment have three tariffs and count differently depending on the time of day.

It is also worth mentioning the property tax. You have to pay for it once a year. It is 0.1–0.3% depending on the city and the value of the property.

Let's look at the following example of utility cost and taxes in Turkey for 12 months.

  1. The annual property tax is 100 euros, depending on the district and its value.
  2. The maintenance services include taking care of the swimming pool, green areas, cleaning the territory, security services, concierge. The cost is 500 euros/year.
  3. The water bill is 100–150 euros/year.
  4. How much does gas cost in Turkey? A gas cylinder and the regular (approximately once every four-month ) replacement is around 150 euros/year.
  5. The electricity bill is around 600 euros/year.

In total, you have to pay around 1.5 thousand euros, which is about 130 euros/month. These are only average calculations. For every property, we have prepared a list of costs.

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