Which seas are in Turkey?


Turkey has a unique location. The continent here divides into European and Asian parts. The coast has its mild climate and a variety of flora and fauna. The landscapes are remarkable.
It is a dream destination for many. Here you find famous sea resorts with the highest level of service and the ancient archaeological artefacts of long-gone civilizations (the Byzantine and Ottoman eras).


If you study the map, you will find that a large part of Turkey is in South-West Asia, and less so in Europe. Turkey borders Georgia, Iran and Armenia to the east. It also shares land borders with Bulgaria to the north and Greece to the west.

Due to its location, the climate is perfect for living and holidays. The mountain range, fresh air and crystal clear water give comfort even during hot summer months.

How many seas are in Turkey?

Here you find four seas:

  • the Sea of Marmara between the European and Asian sides;
  • to the Black sea to the north;
  • the Mediterranean to the south;
  • the Aegean to the west.

We suggest you learn a little more about each of them.

The Sea of Marmara

Sea of Marmara or Marble is inland. It partly separates the Asiatic and European parts of the country. It connects through the Bosporus with the Black Sea (the northeast) and the Dardanelles with the Aegean Sea (the southwest).

Why Marble?  Once upon a time, there were valuable white marble mines on the island of Marmara. Today, you can book a tour to visit the mines.
The gem of the coast is undoubtedly Istanbul with its mysterious vibe. Being large, it has historical sights, traditions, all kinds of cultural and social events. It attracts people from all over the world. Istanbul is also one of the largest centres of trade and commerce. Here you find clothes, shoes, souvenirs, furniture, carpets, exclusive jewellery, etc.

Tourists visit Constantinople (the old name of Istanbul) to enjoy architecture, streets, and ancient monuments. Once nearby, it is difficult to stay indifferent at the sight of the Blue Mosque with its unique domes and minarets. It's impossible to pass by Hagia Sophia and feel nothing. This place is magnificent.
The coast is about 1000 km long. The beach strip is narrow, but this does not stop tourists from coming here during the warm season. There are Tekirdag, Yalova and Turkler beaches covered with fine sand.
Bursa is one of the famous resorts by the Sea of Marmara. It is a large city. Back in time, it used to be the capital and kept its unique architecture. Famous Green Mosque is here.  The hills nearby the sea are perfect for vineyards.
Uludag is the right place if you prefer active life. It is 35 kilometres away from Bursa. Come here anytime from December to March to go skiing in the mountains. The altitude here is 1700 to 2600 meters. Most of the tracks are in forests on the mountain slopes.
Tekirdag invites you to have some rest on its beautiful sandy beaches.
In winter, the water is about 8-9 degrees Celsius. In summer, it rises to 25 degrees above zero. A distinctive feature is oxygen saturation and no hydrogen sulfide.

Which resorts are on the coast of the Black Sea in Turkey?

The Black Sea belongs to the Atlantic basin. Through the Bosphorus Strait, you get to Marmara. Through the Dardanelles, you get to the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.
The length of the Black Sea coast in Turkey is 1598 km.
In winter, the water is 9 °C; in some regions of the coast, it drops to 7 °C until the first months of spring. In May, it increases to 14 °C. In the warmest summer months, the water is 18-23 °C. It keeps the same temperature in September and October. Then it quickly gets colder.
It is a bit cooler here than in other regions. Summers are warm and pleasant, while winters are quite humid. There are many wellness resorts where you might meet people from various places, even the remotest regions.

What resorts are there?

Sintop is a cosy place with a small population. A mountain range and pine forests surround it from three sides. Pebble and sandy beaches give comfort. Mountain rivers invite to go rafting.
Trabzon is quite a popular resort among Turks and foreigners. Here you find several mosques built in the Middle Ages. Sumela Monastery deserves your special attention. This ancient building clings to a cliff high above the ground. The weather in Trabzon is mostly sunny. In summer, the temperature rises to 26 degrees Celcius. In winter, it does not drop below 10 degrees above zero.
Another famous resort is Kars with its historical sites. According to some historians, the ancient town appeared in the 4th century AD. The weather here is very similar to Trabzon.
The coastal city of Ordu also has a centuries-old history. When you wish to have great holidays and contemplate the signs of ancient history, come and see it.

The Aegean Sea

The Aegean Sea invites you to a retreat in its crystal clear waters, enjoy stunning landscapes, the flavour of the marine lifestyle. Here the Tauride Mountains overlook the sea. Nature is mesmerizing. The second name of it is the White Sea with many small islands.

It washes the shores of Turkey and Greece. From June to August, the temperature is very comfortable here, up to 30 °C (air), 26 °C (water). In winter, the temperature drops to 10 ° above zero. The region attracts those who love outdoor activities: sailing, swimming and sunbathing.

 Bodrum is the right place if you are a pleasure seeker. There are all kinds of entertainment, nightclubs, restaurants and discos. Scuba divers often come here. The winds allow you to enjoy surfing.

Marmaris is one of the elite resort towns. The waters of its picturesque bay are always calm. In Marmaris, as in Didim, windsurfing and paragliding have become highly popular. Try food in local restaurants, visit bars, cafes, or an aqua park.

Icmeler is a resort known for its comfortable beaches. Breathe in the fragrant aroma of the green trees that surround it. Once Icmeler used to be a part of Marmaris.

What Turkish cities are on the Mediterranean coast?

The Mediterranean sea washes the southern regions of Turkey. It has the warmest climate, divine nature, and the most comfortable coastal hotels.
Africa is to the south, Europe is to the north, and Asia is to the east. You can get to the Atlantic Ocean via the Strait of Gibraltar and the Red Sea via the Suez Canal.
The coastline has sand and pebbles, remarkable views over the mountains, the magical scent of citrus fruit, and orchards. The salinity of the Mediterranean is uniformly high throughout the basin.

The climate here allows you to relax in the resorts almost all year round. Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, Belek, Side, Aksu are the most popular. If you have heard about the Turkish Riviera, it passes here.
Most tourists prefer to go on vacations to one of the locations mentioned above. Summers and winters are pleasant. The average temperature from June till August is about 25-30 °. In winter, it drops to 13-15 °C. The sea is home to diverse flora and fauna.

Antalya has, perhaps, one of the most dynamically developing and growing populations. Every year many foreigners move here. Some of them buy high-quality and inexpensive real estate. The hotels offer all-inclusive services with restaurants, bars and shops. Antalya is appealing to fans of active urban life.

Alanya is the second most popular resort that attracts tourists from various countries. In the past few years, it has been actively developing. There is a lot to see during an afternoon walk or different tours.

Kemer is a coastal Mediterranean town that overlooks mountains on one side. It offers excellent cuisine and a lot of seafood. Come here to taste the most delicious meals and have a pleasant moment of beholding the mountains.

Belek has stunning nature, a lot of eucalyptus, pines and cedars. It belongs to one of the most expensive resort areas for premium clients.

What are the warmest seas in Turkey?

Of course, they are all unique. Find out everything you need to know before you go on a trip.

The Mediterranean is the warmest one. The high season here lasts from April to October.

The list of the seas in Turkey depending on their salinity (from highest to lowest):

  • the Mediterranean sea;
  • the Aegean sea;
  • the Sea of Marmara;
  • the Black Sea.

We hope this information will help you enjoy Turkey and its resorts.

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