Zhanna and Sergey


​​Novosibirsk city

Shopping on the couch

I had never thought and could not even imagine that it is possible to buy an apartment while sitting on the couch at home without visiting the place. It all started one and a half years ago. During long winter evenings in Siberia, my husband and I watched videos about real estate in Sochi on YouTube. I was surprised by the quality of the construction. Better to say, its absence. The housing was overpriced. We had wished to have real estate by the sea! In one of the videos, a Russian realtor showed an overview of real estate in Turkey, Alanya. The difference was enormous! The quality of the interior, infrastructure, and prices were much better than in Sochi! Also, the climate was so appealing! We got hooked on the reviews of several real estate companies in Alania and Russian bloggers who lived there and shared real-life stories. The longer we explored, the more we fell in love with this town! Until 2009, we had visited Turkey ten times, but never in Alanya. After watching the video in the winter of 2018, we decided to see everything with our own eyes. We arrived in October 2019 and were pleasantly surprised by the weather, the nature, the kindness of people! Alania did not disappoint us! For the last ten years, my husband and I have travelled the Mediterranean in Italy, France and our beloved Spain. We have enough experience to compare. Our new top place is Alania!
After the vacation, we started comparing real estate agencies in Alanya. The most informative for us was the Profit Real Estate website. I was surprised by the section on sold properties as we had not seen this quality of information before. The company's prices for some properties were lower than those of competitors. The video reviews provided all the information we needed. The quality of filming and editing was impressive. We liked the information about the property and made our choice. Among the employees of the company, we found our person in Alanya! Her name is Anna.
We wrote to her on Monday evening and asked a lot of questions about the apartment. There was no video review on it. On Tuesday morning, Anna sent a full video report on the location, an overview of the residential complex and the apartment! It was very efficient, customer-focused and highly professional. We were surprised and delighted! I have never made any spontaneous purchases as I see myself as a rational person. However, on Wednesday, my husband made an advance payment. We chose an inexpensive property in the centre of Alanya, and Anna arrived with us to sign the agreement on Sunday evening.  Anna was already waiting for us at the hotel. We signed the documents, handed over the passports, and drank tea in the restaurant. On Monday, at 8 am, Anna picked us up from the hotel. We got our tax numbers (it only took 10 minutes), looked at the apartment and signed the sales and purchase agreement at the company's office. At 10 am we went for a walk. At 5 pm, Anna came to pick us up to get Tapu. Twenty minutes later, we became the owners of an apartment on the Mediterranean Sea! The next day, Anna handed us over to Ali Bey to reissue documents for electricity (20 minutes), water (10 minutes), changing the locks in the apartment (15 minutes). We went to the store to buy the things we needed for the apartment and opened a bank account. I was worried about the language barrier. Ali Bey was still at the beginning of his path to learning Russian. However, I soon understood there was nothing to worry about. We thank Ali Bey, as he led us by the hand to all the places we needed to go! Moreover, after lunch, we had time to swim in the sea. It was on December 3!

In our absence, we entrusted the apartment to the agency. I described in detail the entire process of the transaction to show how the guys work together. They are professional, attentive to the clients regardless of the purchase price. The understanding that the transaction can take only 3-4 hours and two days! Is this possible in Russia? Special thanks to Yulia for the team and its high professionalism. A real estate company is, first and foremost, People!
With gratitude and respect, Zhanna and Sergey, Novosibirsk.

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