Cleopatra, one of the most visited beaches in Alanya. Open and free of charge.


Cleopatra, one of the most visited beaches in Alanya. Open and free of charge.

Cleopatra Beach is one of the natural attractions of Alanya. This picturesque part of the Mediterranean coast has a beautiful legend. The beach was presented to the Egyptian ruler by the ancient Roman commander and politician Mark Antony who was in love with her.

To make the coast perfect, Mark Antony ordered to bring sand from the Nile. The reliable sources confirm that the sand from Cleopatra Beach is similar to the sand on the banks of the Nile River in North Africa.

Our article is going to tell you more about this special place.

Cleopatra beach - general information

Cleopatra Beach in Alanya has the certificate of the international Blue Flag award. It indicates the high level of cleanliness, safety and comfort of the coast. Today, the sand comes from Egypt, so the stone slabs are well-covered. When entering the water, be careful not to slip.

Everywhere you look, the sand is fine and has a beautiful shade of pale brown creamy colour. It does not get too warm on hot days. The water here remains transparent.
If you don't like walking barefoot on the sand, some stores sell sandals and sleepers.
When you enter the water, the depth increases step by step for several meters. Then, be ready for a slope. If you come to Turkey with children and plan to have fun on Cleopatra Beach, be careful when the kids go swimming. Please, do not leave them unattended.
Cleopatra Beach has an undeniable advantage. If you look from the sea, the shores and mountains create a breathtaking view. Alanian fortress on a hill adds a nuance to the whole picture. Perhaps, that is why the beach is one of the best places for a beautiful photoshoot.

The swimming season starts in June-July and lasts approximately until mid-autumn. If you love the warmth of the sea, get here in July-September. However, do not stay on the coast on hot days, as you might get burned and ruin your entire vacation. The best time to sunbathe on Cleopatra Beach is early morning and afternoon. Fortunately, the territory is open any time, and even at night.

Cleopatra beach Alanya - affordable entertainment

Sunbathing on loungers and swimming in the sea may become boring after a few days. Therefore, the city does their best to create activities on the coast. Here, the infrastructure is well developed. Have fun:

  • Sports grounds
You can work out on free sports grounds. The equipment is simple and easy to use. Contemplating the sea during training will help you enjoy it even more.

   The only negative point is the lack of a canopy. In the summer season, it is hot there during the day.

(Alanya Cleopatra beach on the photos)
The playground is a little further from the beach. There are swings and slides, a ground cover. The kids do not get hurt if they fall. Also, you will find benches for parents. It is sunny here at certain hours of the day, which means you need some nice protective cream.
  • Beach volleyball
A lot of foreigners who rent apartments near Cleopatra beach organize volleyball competitions on the coast. There are several nets for it. Even if you don't have a ball, you can always buy it across the street. Almost every grocery store has the necessary items for beach leisure activities, besides food and drinks. Check out a place where you can play volleyball, participate in workshops and competitions. Being separated from the rest of the territory, it has a small entry fee.
  • The park
Kemal Ataturk Park is at the beginning of Cleopatra Beach. It is a small, green area with well-maintained lawns and flower beds. Imagine yourself sitting in the shade of trees and admiring the sea.
  • Cafes
Many cafes and restaurants by the sea and across the street will not let you stay hungry. The prices here are relatively high in comparison with the urban districts. The menus have a lot to offer: from first courses to ice cream.

Finding a wi-fi spot is not a problem, but the speed is not very good. It's enough to have a chat in one of the messengers or search for something on the Internet.
Foreign tourists often go to Vogue Cafe. There you enjoy delicious breakfasts and affordable prices. Look for it near the funicular.
As for the restaurants on the coast, they offer their visitors sun loungers and umbrellas. However, you will need to pay extra. Currently, the price is ten Turkish liras for a beach chair and ten for an umbrella for the whole day. If you don't want to order anything, you don't have to do it. There will be no problem.
You can have your towel and umbrella; don't hesitate, bring your drinks and food. Perhaps that is why Cleopatra Beach is the most popular free beach in Alanya.
Prices for sun chairs and umbrellas can vary from 20 to 35 liras.
There is a VIP section. It is a construction with natural fabrics and light cover. There you find and pillows and blankets. The price of one is about 100 Turkish liras per day.
We've prepared some information about the costs if you plan to spend time on Cleopatra Beach.
We recommend finding out all the prices for VIP holidays on Cleopatra Beach in advance!

There are many restaurants across the street from Cleopatra Beach. They serve full meals, not just coffee, drinks and desserts. Also, plenty of cafes are open in the morning. You can order water, tea or fresh orange juice. The estimated cost is about 12 liras per glass (it's twice more expensive here than in other districts).
  • Basketball court
The basketball court is free, but you need to bring the ball with you. There are age restrictions (from 7 to 14 y.o.) There is a sign with indications at the entrance. However, adults often play here too.

  • Tennis
You will find tennis courts on the coast as well. There is one for children, too. Anyone can visit it, rent one of the courts and hire an instructor.
Prices vary depending on the size of the court and type of services:
  • Hard courts rent costs around 12 euros.
  • Clay courts rent costs around 15 euros.
  • The racket rent costs 5 euros.
  • The lighting costs 3 euros.
  • Personal training costs 30 euros.
  • Hiring a tennis partner costs 25 euros.
  • Contact the staff and make reservations.
Contact the staff and make reservations.
  • Activities in water
Water scooter ride is (€ 30 per person), banana boat ride (about €15 per person), wakeboarding.
It is possible to get a discount if you are a group of people.
  • Funicular
The funicular will take you to the mountains and Alanya fortress. The cable car is near Cleopatra Beach and costs 28 Turkish liras for the round trip.
  • Walk along the shore
Sometimes, simple things are the most enjoyable, especially when you are in the Mediterranean. It is nice to wake up and go for a walk early in the morning, admire the coastline, breathe the fresh air of the sea, drink juice, take beautiful photos or make your thoughts flow. The evening is also great for slow walks along the promenade near Cleopatra beach. It's time for conversations, sitting on one of the benches overlooking the horizon stretching into infinity.


Above, we have already talked about the public facilities on Kleopatra Beach. Now we will tell you about the necessary infrastructure of the coast.
At all toilets on the beach, you have to pay a small fee. The price in 2020 is 2 lira. They are always clean and tidy.
There is one toilet free of charge only at the very beginning of the beach near the souvenir shops and the playground.
Open showers
The shower on the coast is free. There are two taps - one for the feet, the other for the whole body.
Changing rooms
Changing rooms are also public. There are many on the beach. In some of them, it is tricky to close the doors. Therefore it is worth inviting someone with you.
Rescue towers
There are lifeguard towers on Cleopatra Beach. The staff is trained and works during the season.
Wooden walkways
They are paths almost everywhere. They allow you to avoid the hot sand, walk to the shower or a changing room. Your feet are not going to suffer on the way to a cafe or toward the sea.
Parking for cars
The parking lot is exclusively for taxis so that everyone can comfortably leave the beach. Prices are high, which is not surprising. Anyone who plans to save money can walk or use public transport. Every official taxi in Alanya has counters. Do not worry about the cost of the trip.
Souvenirs and handcrafts
There are several craft shops near Cleopatra Beach. The locals sell magnets, leather bags and wallets, handmade jewelry and other items. The municipality supports this trading platform, so the quality is highly acceptable.

Cleopatra beach Alanya where is it and how to get there

Where is Cleopatra beach? It is in the most convenient place, in the centre of Alanya.
There are several ways of getting there: on foot, by bus or taxi. Let us take a closer look.


It is perfect for everyone who lives in the centre. If you do not want to get lost, use Google maps and get the directions from the starting point to Kleopatra Beach. If it takes more than 20 minutes, do not forget to cover your head from the sun.

Take the bus

Buses in Alanya run on a schedule. Therefore, to get to the beach, you don't have to wait much.

If you are coming from the direction of Mahmutlar, takes buses No. 1, No. 2. The stop at the beach is called Damlatas. It is worth telling the driver in advance. From the bus stop, you need to go straight down to the sea. It will take no more than 10 minutes.

If you are coming from the direction of Konakli, you will need to take the city minibus "dolmusi". If you want to get in, wave your hand when it approaches. Get off at the last stop, the bus station. From there, you walk to the coast. Remember to have the mountains behind you.

Public transport costs 4 liras per trip.

Calling a taxi

Taxi is the most expensive. Order it through the hotel administrator, or find a bus stop. A lot of them have taxi call stations (yellow boxes with a green button).

We told you a few interesting stories about Cleopatra Beach in Alanya. Hopefully, this information will help you find your way around the resort on the Mediterranean coast.

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