Buying a property overseas to live with children - What do parents need to know?


Buying a property overseas to live with children - What do parents need to know?

The trend of buying real estate overseas is remarkable. It is a big step, especially if you plan to move abroad with children. What should you pay attention to, so the housing will satisfy the needs of the whole family? Let us sort it out together.

Housing for sale abroad. General information and statistics.

Families with children and grandparents who are raising grandchildren constitute a good portion of foreign buyers. Choosing a future living space depends on the purpose. Will it be a holiday home or a place for permanent residence? Families with children buy real estate taking into account the area with good schools or kindergartens nearby. Besides, a well-developed infrastructure will function regardless of the season: shops, restaurants, cafes, pharmacies and hospitals, banks, etc. Of course, if you plan to buy a car, it is easier to get anywhere.

If you purchase a holiday home, it is worth paying attention to the public facilities and their proximity to your property. Families with children prefer to choose apartments located within walking distance to beaches. Quiet and peaceful atmosphere suits well the houses purchased for permanent residence. They are away from the hectic life and noises.

The most affordable seaside properties abroad

As practice shows, the budget for apartments abroad can be very different. For example, in Bulgaria, Spain (several locations), Montenegro, Greece and Turkey, you can buy a property at a low price. For parents, the crucial factors besides the budget are the climate, cleanliness and environment, the sea and coastline with safe beaches. Fresh vegetables and fruits all year round make a nice bonus.

If families with kids visit a foreign resort once or twice a year, it is a reason to make new friends and acquaintances. Many remember their vacations. There could be so much joy in meeting new and old friends. Some tourists like to change countries, regions or hotels every season. For adults, this option is just fine. However, it is just much more comfortable to visit your home with children. There is everything you need: friends, a pool in the yard, a beautiful beach, familiar playgrounds and toys.

Overseas properties for sale, location and infrastructure

The location determines the comfort level of your family abroad. First, the proximity of the airport and how quickly you get from it home. Second, the infrastructure designed for children with parents includes playgrounds, cafes, parks, aqua parks, all kinds of entertainment, etc.

What are the characteristics of a perfect home?

A family nest is a special place. Parents know how it should look and feel, so everyone is comfortable. For example, you need to think about the number of rooms (separate for each child), bathrooms, a balcony (is it better to have one or not). There is some advice. If you choose an apartment in a multi-storey building, the elevators are "a must". A ramp is convenient too. Ask about sound insulation. It is desirable for babies who seem to be light sleepers. There are general rules that the residents agree on together. For example, the convenient time to use the pool, make noise and do repairs. Ask about the round-the-clock security, video surveillance, green spaces, sports grounds and lawns nearby.

Make moving to a new home easier for your kids

Moving to another country is always stressful. You adapt to the terrain, people, climate, and atmosphere. There is no universal advice. We recommend considering all the pros and cons of buying a home by the sea and only after that make a final decision. Join local social networks (Expats) to discuss the nuances of moving abroad. It will allow you to get a preliminary idea of the chosen city and make acquaintances.
A few rules to consider when moving abroad with a family:
  • Focus on the future. Children grow up. What suits your baby today may not be okay for a teenager tomorrow.
  • If you want to have more children, perhaps one day you decide to expand your home.
  • Buying a property abroad requires knowing the intricacies of the sale and purchase process. The easiest way is to use the services of a real estate agency. Experts help you choose the best options on the market and give advice.


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