Mahmutlar - the trend of the real estate market in Turkey


Many see Turkey as a holiday destination. Others seek to make profits off of the rapidly growing Turkish real estate market. It is easy to acquire commercial and residential property in Turkey.

Here are several reasons to invest in Turkish real estate:
  • Mediterranean climate, picturesque seacoast, and mountainous landscapes are easy to fall in love with. Well-maintained sandy beaches are known for their beauty, safety, and cleanliness. Many received the international Blue Flag award.
  • Clean air.
  • Cities with well-developed infrastructure
  •  Affordable real estate compared to the European market.
  • Housing prices rise annually and guarantee a stable income from rent.
  • Taxes and utility bills are reasonable.
  • The entire process of a property purchase takes only a few days. The government has a flexible attitude to foreign investors.
One of the factors for many buyers is the Turkish lira exchange rate.

Mahmutlar and its distinctive traits

Mahmutlar is 8 km away from Alanya city centre, 35 km away from Gazipasa International Airport. The area overlooks the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. It is heavily forested, which indicates a favourable environment.

In just ten years, a large wasteland turned into a new, beautiful suburb. Now there are not so many free spots. Yet, developers still erect new apartment buildings.

It is worth buying a house in Mahmutlar for several reasons. As the number of residents grows, the city municipality funds active development of the area. New fountains, gazebos, sports grounds, cafes, bars, and shops sprout like grass. It is impossible not to mention the well-organized work of urban transport. You can get anywhere shortly: buses run every 5-10 minutes.

Mahmutlar Real Estate Market

A wide selection of properties appeals to many buyers. You find anything from cheap apartments in the primary or secondary market to luxury penthouses.

Prices for housing in Mahmutlar are appealing. Here, buildings can be up to 12 stories high. In other districts (Kargicak, Oba, Kestel), the municipality doesn't allow residential complexes to have more than five stories.

In apartment buildings, facilities ensure comfort. By default, the residential complexes include a bath, a sauna, a pool, a gym, and a cafe on the premises.
The fact that some of the houses are near the beaches also increases the demand. The coast is well-maintained. Various properties are built-in Mahmutlar: large-scale residential complexes and small apartment house.

The real estate market continues to develop actively in Mahmutlar. It offers a good selection of apartments at a low cost, compared to other parts of Alanya.

Real estate pricing policy

Several factors affect pricing in Mahmutlar:
  • The total area and the number of floors.
  • Location: Distance to the sea, the green area nearby.
  • The stage of development.
  • The quality of the materials.
  • Infrastructure within walking distance.
New housing in Mahmutlar will erect further from the coast. Because of the region's popularity, the best plots were sold out. However, prices will gradually fall. The cost of an apartment starts at thirty-five thousand euros. However, it is better to focus on one-plus-one housing that ranges from forty to forty-five thousand euros.
The view from your balcony also affects the price. Two practically identical apartments with different landscapes outside may differ in cost (sometimes it is several thousand euros).

Secondary real estate is also present on the market. One-plus-one apartments may cost around thirty-five thousand euros, but there are not too many of them. Demand for secondary housing is growing big. Two-plus-one apartments cost fifty thousand euros. The location and the houses themselves are of good quality, although not new.

Rental housing is popular among non-nationals. Some buy apartments only because of that. In this case, professionals recommend apartments with one or two bedrooms. They are in huge demand in the rental market.

Choosing a property while taking into account the preferences

Sellers and development companies of Alanya offer convenient payment methods, transparent registration, and sale transaction. The government has lowered the minimum threshold for housing costs to $250,000. It is easier for any non-national to obtain a residence permit or Turkish citizenship.

To simplify the process, you may contact a real estate agency. It will ensure your new home meets all your preferences:

  • the best areas to invest;
  • the planning at an affordable cost;
  • the proximity of beaches, infrastructure, and transport interchange;
  • the terms of payment, etc.
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