Food prices in Turkey - hotels, supermarkets, cafes


There are many beautiful places by the calm waters where you can have a good time and relax. Of course, almost every paradise has something to surprise. There are expensive are cheap resorts. They often have different quality of service and living conditions. You can get a full range of entertainment on the beach, comfort and a European level of service while the cost is relatively low. Turkish resorts are on the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. For many years, they have been appealing to vacationers from all over the world. Let us not forget about the beauty of nature, the seacoast and mountains, and a unique cultural and historical heritage. Besides, Turkey is a suitable place for a good holiday with children. Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail - luxurious aqua parks and aquariums, playgrounds and experienced animators, an all-inclusive system with special menus for children.

It is easy to have a great holiday here: spending time on the beach, going on a tour of ancient cities and national parks, visiting natural wonders. The country actively supports tourism. You are going to remember your vacation in Turkey with a smile.
Among the advantages, every foreigner enjoys delicious traditional cuisine. Let us take a closer look, and find out more about food and its cost in shops, cafes and restaurants.


Turkish cuisine - what to try?

Cooking in Turkey is art. It starts with products and continues with table setting and serving dishes. Centuries of Muslim Turkish, Iranian, Syrian, Greek traditions resulted in a variety of tastes.

The basis of a Turkish diet is meat, vegetables and seafood. Often the dishes are cooked on an open fire with spices.

Every traveller who has visited Turkey knows the menu includes dondurma, döner, kebab, feta cheese, Turkish delight, and baklava. Let us tell you more.
Patlıcanlı kebap is how locals call barbecue with vegetables. Usually, it appears on the table during festivities. Adana - kebab or lamb with spices and onions is a long grilled sausage.

Jadzhik (Cacık) is a soup based on ayran and fresh cucumbers.

Small meatballs fried in oil with onions and spices in a fragrant sauce are called kefte. You can find them in almost every restaurant and cafe.

Balık ekmek is a grilled fish in bread with vegetables or fried in crusty dough.
The world-famous Turkish delight is everywhere in the resorts. Depending on the region, you can find hundreds of varieties of these sweets. Rice pudding or sutlac is a light, tasty and sweet dessert that everyone will enjoy.
Turkey has a wide variety of ingredients. The waters are rich in seafood. Fresh, tasty, organic vegetables and fruits grow on the land. Therefore, almost everywhere here, be it a stall, restaurant or diner, the food is delicious.

What are the menus in hotels in Turkey?

Excellent food is one of the reasons why people from all over the world come here every year. Most of the hotels offer an 'all-inclusive' system. It usually does not depend on the number of stars. The main difference in the menu of both prestigious and standard hotels is their variety.

Inexpensive hotel complexes up to 3-stars provide their clients with meals three times a day, with non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. The menu will not be very rich in variety. There are not many fruits and sweets. Therefore, if you decide to choose a budget option for yourself, check the reviews in advance. Also, contact a trusted travel agency.

4-star hotels offer meals four times a day (an early breakfast or a late dinner). The buffet has everything:  pastry, dishes with meat and vegetables, fruits, sweets, delicacies, etc. During the day, you can a drink or a cocktail at the bars on the beach that are open during certain hours. In addition to food, there is a range of entertainment activities for adults and children.
5-star hotels do not differ much from 4-star hotels. However, the variety and taste characteristics are much higher. Besides, each guest can get snacks throughout the day, order food and drinks in the room and eat in the middle of the night. Sometimes, the hotel offers national cuisine days (for examples, Japanese or Arab).

Interesting to know!
Absolutely all hotels serve buffet. It is a form of meal service where guests pick and self-serve food. It is convenient for families with children since not all kids will agree to eat what the waiter brings. The buffet offers a wide choice of tasty dishes with exquisite flavours. No one will resist a desire to try them.

It is difficult to tell which hotel complexes have the best food. It directly depends on the chef. If the cuisine is one of the most significant factors for you, check the details out before the trip.
The high season is from April to October. In winter, the tourists move to Turkish ski resorts. Once the season is off, prices for staying by the sea drop significantly. However, the quality of service remains the same. Consider this excellent vacation option. It allows the please of having walks, going on tours, and shopping.

Food prices in Turkey.

Knowing the prices of grocery is significant if you decide to rent or buy a place and cook.

Food prices in Turkey are relatively low if we compare them with Europe. However, as soon as the holiday season begins, the cost remarkably rises.

As an example, we suggest considering the cost of a grocery basket in 2019.

A bit of advice!

It is better to buy food in supermarkets, vegetables and fruits at farmers markets. Markets are always cheaper. You can taste everything. Feel free to bargain.

It is worth getting used to the slightly annoying behaviour of sellers. This tradition stretches from the oriental bazaars of antiquity. Just have fun and stay calm!

In the summer, when fruits and vegetables grow in abundance, the price tag drops. If you go to a market in the afternoon, there is a chance of getting a 50% discount.

Below we offer a list of products in lira per 1 kg:
  • Pasta - from 4.
  • Rice - 5.
  • Sugar - from 3.5.
  • Sausages - from 35.
  • Turkey fillet - 12.
  • Chicken fillet - 10.
  • Beef - 40 and above.
  • Shrimps - from 30.
  • Mackerel - 20.
  • Redfish - 30 and above.
  • Potato - 3.
  • Onion - 3.
  • Carrots - 2-3.
  • Cucumbers - 1.5.
  • Cabbage - 3.
  • Sweet pepper - 5.
  • Beets - 4.
  • Apples - 1.5.
  • Mandarins - 2.
  • Pears - 2.5.
  • Persimmon - 5.
  • Sweet cherry - 3.
  • Strawberries - from 3.
  • Watermelons - about 1.
  • Melons - about 1.
  • A loaf of bread - 1 lira.
  • Chicken eggs (10) - from 2.5.
  • Vegetable oil, 1l - about 7.5.
  • Butter, 400 g - 12.
  • Ayran, milk - 2-3.
  • Cheese: hard - 8 per 250 g: feta - 16.5 per 200 g.
Locals buy seafood mainly at the markets. There are more types of goods here than in supermarkets. The main thing is to go there early in the morning to get a fresh red mullet, mackerel, horse mackerel, shrimps etc.

Popular Turkish supermarket chains.

There are many supermarkets in different resorts. What do you need to know about them? We tell you below.
Migros is one of the most popular among tourists. The prices here are relatively low. However, the Turks believe that these are expensive stores. On the other hand, Migros is an excellent place, since it is a shopping centre with groceries and bakeries.
Metro is a relatively inexpensive place to buy fruits and vegetables. At the entrance, tourists will need to fill out a card and indicate the hotel to make purchases.

Carrefour is a global chain of supermarkets. It has a great selection, quality service and a nice interior.

Kipa - has a variety of relatively expensive products.

Tesco is a worldwide chain that offers good quality.  Locals often go shopping at this supermarket. There are frequent promotions and sales.

Bim, Sok, A101 are budget stores with a relatively small selection of goods. In Bim, you will not find tobacco and alcohol.

Fast food

You can have a quick and tasty snack in Turkey in most resorts. Street food here is a creative process. It is an opportunity to taste the flavour and traditions of the local cuisine. The quality and taste characteristics of Turkish fast food are at their best.

Kokorech (15-20TL) is very popular. It consists of spiced mutton giblets. They are roasting on a skewer. Then, the meat is served in a wrap with vegetables and herbs.

Döner kebab or shawarma (5-7TL) is also a tasty snack. The difference is that döner kebab is in a crispy bun, and durum (shawarma) is in thin pita bread. Try delicious fried fish in bread (15TL) at the marina. Locals love a puff pie with different fillings - cottage cheese, meat, potato. Try it as well!
Dondurma (5TL) or ice cream is a dessert worth tasting. It is made from mastic and milk and has a bright taste. Sellers know how to turn ice cream making into a performance. Do not forget to eat roasted chestnuts (from 5TL) and corn (4TL), traditional coffee (4TL), and mussels with rice.

Cafes and restaurants - prices.

When you get to the seaside, cafes and restaurants are almost at every step. The restaurants in the most popular locations have higher prices. But walk a couple of blocks inland, and you will find good diners with inexpensive food.

The range of prices depends on the prestige and location. For example, you can have breakfast in a small cafe far from the sea for 5 liras per person. On the coast, it will cost

 about 20-30 liras. The average fee for one dish in cafes with homemade food starts at 8 TL.
If you study a menu in a medium-sized restaurant, you can find the following prices:
  • soups - 4-15 TL;
  • second courses - about 5.5 TL;
  • lyulya kebab - 11-15 TL;
  • salads - 7-20 TL;
  • omelette + coffee - from 7TL;
  • tea - from 1 TL;
  • ice cream - about 4 TL.

Children's menu.

'How is it with the children's menu?' It is the question many parents ask. Is it worth taking something with you? Can you be satisfied with the goods in stores? On the one hand, Turkish parents successfully cope with this task. On the other, it is good to learn how to navigate food for kids in Turkey.

Stores offer dairy products, cereals, fruit, vegetable, meat and vegetable purees from the world's leading manufacturers. If for some reason, there are dietary recommendations, it is better to play it safe.

There are good quality yoghurts and kefir without additives. It is easy to buy all the ingredients and cook something at home.

For older children, finding something to eat will not be a problem. There are children's and dietary menus, healthy pastries, sweets. ' All-inclusive ' service makes it easier to find something for a kid. There is a large selection of meals, individual steamed dishes, no seasonings or salt upon the request.

We have shared the most significant aspects you need to know about food and prices in Turkey. We hope this information comes in handy!
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